Peregrine Falcon

Falco peregrinus

This large predatory raptor has long pointed wings and a long tail. They have a dark slate gray back and barred underparts. They can be found along the south shore, sitting on nesting boxes or bay shacks on the marsh. Peregrine Falcons eat mainly birds and will vary in the type that they hunt, going after birds as small as sparrows and shorebirds to larger ducks. They will hunt their prey by diving after it in a dive that can reach over 100 mph and either grab their prey to strike it with their feet to stun it. . During nesting season the male will pick a variety of nesting sites that the female will choose from. They will do no nest building and lay their eggs either directly on the ground or in a small scrape in the substrate. The peregrines of the south shore will use nesting boxes that they will lay 2-5 eggs in and incubate for 29-32 days. Once the chicks hatch they are cared for by the parents until they are fledged and can fly.