Since 2012, local communities have collaborated in an inclusive planning process involving input from over 1,000 residents to develop the comprehensive South Shore Blueway Plan to guide implementation of the water trail stretching the entire south shore of Nassau County. An advisory committee was created to facilitate this collaboration.

The advisory committee is inactive at this time

The original advisory committee comprised of the following individuals:

Kyle Rabin, Committee Chair, Nassau County Resident
Steve Berner, President LI Paddlers, Inc.
Walter Bundy, Kayak Fishing Assn. of NY
Maureen Dolan Murphy, Citizens Campaign for the Environment
Jaime Ethier, NYS Department of State
Michael Fehling, Owner of Empire Kayaks
Ken Fink, Owner of Kayak Ken Outfitters
Susan Guliani, NYSOPRHP, Jones Beach
Sean Jordan, Town of Oyster Bay, Environmental Resources
Steve McDonald, North Atlantic Canoe & Kayak (NACK)
Brian Schneider, Nassau County, Dept. of Public Works
Tara Schneider Moran, Town of Hempstead, Dept. of Conservation and Waterways
Nora Sudars, Village of Freeport, Grants Administrator
Brian Vander Veer, Town of Oyster Bay, Beach Division
Rob Weltner, Operation SPLASH

Barbara LaRocco, Going Coastal, Inc.
Zhennya Slootskin, Going Coastal, Inc.
Beatriz Santiago Designs
Cameron Engineering & Associates

The Blueway Advisory Committee enlisted consultant Going Coastal, Inc. to fulfill project planning, outreach and infrastructure needs. Going Coastal, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to connecting people to coastal resources by raising awareness of the immense value of the coastal environment, encouraging a sense of community and common history and promoting preservation, protection and conservation. Through the efforts of their volunteers and information initiatives, Going Coastal encourages adults and children to appreciate, enjoy, and preserve it. Mapping and geospatial information systems (GIS) capabilities help to engage and educate the public about water access, environmental concerns and human interactions with the environment. Through outreach and education programs, Going Coastal empowers communities to build awareness of their surroundings and enhance understanding and participation in community, learning and stewardship.

Goals of the Blueway Advisory Committee:

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