File a Float Plan

A Float Plan can save your life. Tell someone on shore where you are boating by filing a Float Plan detailing your trip itinerary: paddlers names, address and telephone number; point and time of departure; destination and estimated time of arrival or return; intended route; a description of your vessel and an emergency contact.

(Note: Not recommended to leave a Float Plan on your car dashboard as it makes your personal information available)

Ways to let someone know before you go

By Calling: A plan can be filled with the Nassau Caount Police Marine Bureau by calling (516) 573-4450

By Text/Email : Set up a reusable draft message/email that you can fill in and send when you embark on a trip, include the following details:

      Boat Type/Color: 
      Cell Number:  
      Emergency Contact:
      Starting Location:  
      Leaving Time/Date:  
      Returning Time/Date: 
      Trip Details/Route:  
By Print: Click below for a PDF version of a Float Plan.
 [bsk-pdf-manager-pdf id=39]
Float Plan Central –  Using Adobe Reader version 8 or later, you can set up a basic float plan using the USCG form ahead of time and save it. Update it when you decide where you’re going to go. Then e-mail the completed plan to whoever you choose to follow up should you not return or check-in as planned. The plan is more for motor boaters, but can also be used by other boaters.