Great Black-Backed Gull

Larus marinus

These large gulls have black upper wings and backs and white stomachs with pale pink legs. They have a yellow bill that has a red spot by the tip. Great Black Backed Gulls are opportunists and will follow fishing board of scraps and will patrol beaches to take trash from garbage cans. They will also chase after other birds to steal their catch and when given the opportunity will take and eat chicks. Greater Black Backed Gulls live all along the Atlantic coast and will nest on barrier islands, marshes, and outcrops. They will make their nests next to large objects such as bushes or trees to provide a windbreak. They will make several scrapes with the final nest being determined by where the female lays her eggs. They will have 2-3 eggs that are incubated for 30-32 days and once the chick hatches t is ready to leave the nest.