The South Shore Blueway is in the shallow waters of the western reach of the South Shore Estuary Reserve, an officially protected area that is striking and very fragile. During your visit, we hope you will conserve the south shore’s natural wonders for others who follow by observing wildlife from a safe distance, practicing “leave no trace” outdoor ethics and taking only pictures. The extensive mudflats and salt marshes are an important part of the south shore’s marine environment. Do not land on grass islands. Use caution at low tide, so as not to impact fragile sea grass beds and marine life nurseries. Particular caution is required at beaches where pairs of endangered piping plovers are active.

The main attraction of paddling the south shore is the enjoyment of viewing wildlife, scenic vistas and tranquil waters close to home. The South Shore Blueway aims to protect natural habitats for a wide variety of plant, aquatic, bird, and wildlife. Non-motorized boating is a low impact activity. Use the designated trailheads to keep from disturbing ecologically sensitive areas needing protection.

We invite viewers, members and friends to share your sightings and images to help build a better reference for visitors by contacting us.