Discover LAYAR


  1. Download the LAYAR APP for iOS or Android
  2. Scan the map with your smart device – hold the phone over the map
  3. Tap the screen to reveal the hidden layar
  4. Choose the interactive component to view

The South Shore Blueway Map incorporates Layar’s interactive technology. Pictures on the map instruct users how to discover the hidden Layar.

In an effort to educate the public about the storied history and maritime heritage of the south shore, Going Coastal used the Layar Creator to make use of Augmented Reality in its Blueway Map. The aim of the enhanced map is to bring south shore history to life.

Layar-enabled interactive print features extra digital content that users can engage with using their smartphone or tablet. The scannable content is accessed with the free Layar App, downloaded on both iOS and Android.

By scanning the Blueway map with the Layar App, users discover more about the Hempstead Bays and South Oyster Bay. Videos feature duck hunting, fishing, boat building and Bay Houses on the south shore. Going Coastal partnered with Long Island Traditions, who developed the series of videos embedded into the Blueway Map.

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