Double-crested Cormorant

Phalacrocorax auritus

This large waterbird has a small head but long kinked neck. Adults are brown/black in color and have a small area of yellow-orange skin on their face. If you get close enough to this bird up close you will see that they have turquoise eyes. Their body shape results in their toros sitting low in the water as they float on the surface before diving under to catch fish. The double crested cormorant is the most widespread cormorant in north america. During mating season the male will choose the nest site before attracting females. Nests can be constructed on the ground, rocks , atop treesĀ  and form in the center of colonies and radiate outwards. They will lay 1-7 eggs (1-2 broods) which are then incubated for 25-28 days. The chicks are helpless at birth and are nestlings for an additional 25 days until they fledge.