File a Float Plan

A Float Plan can save your life. Tell someone on shore where you are boating by filing a Float Plan detailing your trip itinerary: paddlers names, address and telephone number; point and time of departure; destination and estimated time of arrival or return; intended route; a description of your vessel and an emergency contact.

It is important to let someone know your trip plan so they can contact help if you are overdue. Upon returning from your trip, be sure to let everyone know you are back.

(Note: It is not recommended to leave a Float Plan on your car dashboard as it makes available your personal information.)

Ways to let someone know before you go

By App ACA Paddle Ready allows users to file a Float Plan via smart phone.

By Calling  A plan can be filed with the Nassau County Police Marine Bureau by calling (516) 573-4450.

By Email  Set up a reusable draft email the you fill in and send when embarking on a trip, include the following details:

Boat Type/Color: 
Cell Number:  
Emergency Contact:
Starting Location:  
Leaving Time/Date:  
Returning Time/Date: 
Trip Details/Route:  


By Print  Click below for PDF version of Float Plan. 

More ways to file your float plan

Paddle Ready App by ACA allows users to get real-time environmental coverage for various paddling venues, fill out a float plan and easily send it to friends, search for ACA instructors and courses, and more.

Float Plan Central –  Using Adobe Reader version 8 or later, you can set up a basic float plan using the USCG form ahead of time and save it. Update it when you decide where you’re going to go. Then e-mail the completed plan to whoever you choose to follow up should you not return or check-in as planned. The plan is more for motor boaters, but can also be used by other boaters.

Float Plan Registry – Set up a float plan template to send an email to each of your contacts containing a link to view your float plan online, including maps.